Through the years of providing marketing services to Australian SMEs, we understand businesses need marketing funds to grow. Businesses need sufficient funds to support at least 24 months of marketing and advertising expenses. Funds will be required for, an effective optimal website, google ads campaigns and SEO and to run social media campaigns. Businesses need the right agency who has experience, utilise data, test the online campaigns and make quick applicable adjustments. This is important as the business owners can only expand their businesses when they know exactly how and where to spend the money to get the best results. Most business fail in the first 12 months because they run out of puff. However, if you have the funds to support your business marketing campaigns beyond first 12 months, you will be one of the 75% of the traditional businesses which will survive and thrive.

In Australia, it is extremely difficult to achieve commercial success due to the relatively small population. Therefore you have to be very careful with your investment funds and how you effectively spend it. Also because of the rigid lending criteria of the banks, new businesses are not receiving the support to fuel the engine of their businesses. Business owners are struggling with cash flow issues. Many business owners are forced to run their business part time while working a fulltime job to make ends meet. Being under resourced financially and with little support from their bankers they revert to cheap ineffective DIY online campaigns themselves.

Yeslend is here to be the game changer. Our team have a combined experience of marketing and finance for more than 60 years. Yeslend teamed up with Prospa to have a brand new approach to fund any of your marketing needs if eligible and our marketing team will make it work for your business. We will inform you of your eligibility after you fill in the easy online form. Your business financial information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Many business owners are concerned of unsecured finance mainly because they have a higher interest rate. However, working with our team on proper financial planning, you will experience how profitable the benefits and advantages can be for your business success.

We are determined to assist you with your funding requirements and make marketing work for your business.

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